10 Safety Rules

【Spearfishing 10-Safety Rules】

Spearfishing is an exciting & extreme hobby and sport. It enables you to experience the world like no other sport. However, it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Diving with a buddy is the cornerstone of spearfishing safety. It minimizes your risks and increases the chance that you’ll survive if anything unexpected happens while you’re underwater. Don’t just dive together—stay together while you’re submerged. Your dive buddy can’t help you if you’re not together.

For maximum safety and enjoyment of your time beneath the waves, follow these simple tips:

1. Do not dive without a buoy with a dive flag. Imagine if you are a boat captain and driving a boat for 20 mph(17 knots), all of a sudden a diver pops up right in front of your way. There is not much you can do and this scenario is very dangerous and can lead to death. You can share the buoy with your buddy and stay close within 150 ft(50m) of the buoy. So if you forget your buoy and dive flag, don't dive. 

2. Stay close to your buddy and always monitor each other. Most of blackout cases happen AFTER the diver has reached the surface. Make sure he's up and ok. "One up, one down" buddy system must be followed. "OK" hand signal each other after each dive is highly recommended. 

3. Weight yourself properly. You should be neutrally buoyant at middle of your max depth. In other words if your max depth is 60 ft, you should be able to float up without kicking at 30 ft or shallower. This makes it a little harder to go down at the start of your dive, but you want to put in the most effort at the beginning, not at the end when you try to ascend wearing more weights on your belt. 

4. Do not hesitate to drop your weight belt if you are not 100% sure to get to the surface. There is nothing more important than your LIFE especially when you compare it to just a piece of metal. But you need some practice to do this because in most cases, the belt gets stuck on your ankle and it makes it harder for you to go back up. 

5. If you need to, drop your speargun also for same reason. More you think, eats more of your Oxygen. Brain eats oxygen way more than you imagine. Don't think twice, just let it go. Remember, If you struggle, throw your speargun, and just concentrate to get the surface only. In most cases, you can pick up your speargun later. 

6. Spit your snorkel out at the surface before you dive. If you black out underwater, your mouth will stay closed and keep water from flooding your lungs - as long as your Snorkel isn’t in your mouth. 

7. Know your limit and adjust your bottom time depending on the days of your body / sea condition. Reject the idea that you know your body and can instinctively stay within your limits. some of world-class spearfisher have died from shallow water blackout, they knew their bodies a lot better than you do, and it wasn't good enough. Spend twice as long at the surface, as your last dive to insure enough time to recover. Using free-diving watch which indicates every seconds of your surface time is highly recommended. 

8. Stay properly hydrated. Your physiology is in a constant state of flux and this has a huge impact on your diving capabilities. The 2 minute, 60 ft dive that was piece of cake for you in the morning could black you out in the afternoon. Always bring bottle of water and drink it. 

9. Always protect the airway. If your buddy is in trouble, you must bring him to the surface and keep his face above water. Remove his mask and remind him to breathe. Blowing across the eyes can also stimulate the inflation reflex. Perform CPR if necessary. 

10. It is always a good idea to have a first aid kit on the boat / vehicle in case of emergencies. If bad things happen, or If you have any questions, you can call Mori at 484-8888. I'm happy to assist you. 
Most importantly, You can't remember all of this in one time so print this out or grab one at AQUASMITH and put on your bathroom wall and read this every day!! 

Before you go fishing, We strongly suggest to check current winds, waves, and weather forecast. You can get all those information in same drop-down menu with this page and they are real time updated.


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