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Saipan - Tinian - Rota



Managaha Marine Protected Areas
Bird Island Marine Protected Areas
Forbidden Island Marine Protected Areas
Rota Marine Protected Areas

Follow this link to a document describing the various rules and regulations establishing MPAs in CNMI.

There are currently seven Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the CNMI. The three no-take MPAs surrounding Saipan are the Managaha Marine Conservation Area (established 2000), Bird Island Sanctuary (2001), and Forbidden Island Sanctuary (2001). Saipan also has two species-specific sanctuaries Laolao Bay Sea Cucumber Sanctuary (1996) and Lighthouse Reef Trochus Sanctuary (1996). The MPA adjoining Tinian, Tinian Marine Reserve (2007), is designated as no-take except for seasonal runs of fish. Finally, the Sasanhaya Bay Fish Reserve (1994) in Rota is also a no-take MPA. Fish, invertebrate, algae and habitat data has been collected within these MPAs by the Division of Fish and Wildlife and by the CRI Marine Monitoring Team for over a decade. The Division of Fish and Wildlife conducts enforcement patrols within and around these areas to report violations and enforce regulations.

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