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In 2005, Mori, the owner of a diving shop, underwent a transformative experience under the guidance of local spearfishing expert Ed. Using Ed's handmade underwater gun, Mori discovered the allure of spearfishing. At the time, Saipan lacked stores offering genuine spearguns and long fins, necessitating travel to Guam for such equipment.

Determined to change this scenario, Mori reached out to the prestigious Cressi-Sub company, established in 1946, and secured the rights to distribute their spearguns and long fins that had led the world the previous year. Through AQUASMITH, Mori's initiative, innovative products were introduced to the local community.

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Once overshadowed by strong contenders like Guam and Palau, CNMI experienced a monumental turning point in 2006. At the Micronesian Olympics, the Micronesian Games, CNMI emerged as the first spearfishing champion. Team captain Felix T. Sasamoto Jr. achieved a dual victory for both himself and the team, utilizing Cressi's spear gun and long fins.

With the collaboration of Felix, Morito, and other supporters, CNMI's inaugural spearfishing NPO, Marianas Apnea Spearfishing Club (MASC), was established. The first official tournament blossomed into an annual event, drawing prominent athletes even from Guam.


AQUASMITH subsequently entered partnerships with top global brands like Italy's OMER, USA's RIFFE, and South Africa's ROB ALLEN, bringing numerous exceptional spearfishing gears to the island.

Over time, more brands joined, including Italy's SALVIMAR, Spain's SPETTON, and Hawaii's HAMMERHEAD, resulting in the most comprehensive product lineup across the eight nations of Micronesia.

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 AQUASMITH's contributions extended to the local community, spanning fishing tournaments, beach clean-ups, dive rescue training, and even online workshops on platforms like YouTube.

Since 2018, they introduced IT-driven management to ensure transparent product information, customer convenience, and fairness.

In 2019, a special program on prime-time national television in Japan, FUJI TV, showcased Olympic silver medalist Takeshi Matsuda learning spearfishing from Felix. This garnered immense attention and was estimated to have an advertising effect worth around US$ 1 million by the Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA).

United with the local spearfishing community, AQUASMITH's journey exemplified a shared commitment to environmental preservation. Grateful for constant support, they remained steadfast in their dedication to providing top-notch service and contributing to the community.


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