Freedive Certification Agency Equivalence Chart: IASA/AIDA/AA/PADI/SSI/Morchanovs

Last update:Aug.29.2019

There are several different agency for freedive so we have made simple equivalence chart for you. IASA, SSI, Morchanovs does not have Dynamics goals.

*IASA counts dive time while others are stattic in the surface of swimming pool. SSI does not have time goals.

*Kindly let us know if there is any incorrect information or any update on your agency so page viewer gets correct information. Please contact us from here. New window will pop up.Thank you in advance.


Name of Group IASA AIDA

Apnea Academy




Level-Depth-Time-DYN 1-3m-0:20 - - - Basic-5m -
Level-Depth-Time-DYN 2-10m-0:45 1-8m-1:30-25m 1-8m-1:45-30m Basic-10m-1:30-25m - 1-12m-1:30
Level-Depth-Time-DYN 3-15m-1:00 2-16m-2:00-40m 2-15m-2:30-55m - - -
Level-Depth-Time-DYN 4-20m-1:30 3-24m-2:45-55m 3-25m-3:00-70m Advance-20m-2:30-50m 1-20m 2-24m-2:30
Level-Depth-Time-DYN 5-30m-1:30 4-32m-3:30-70m - Master-27m-3:30-70m 2-30m -
Level-Depth-Time-DYN - - - - 3-40m 3-40m-3:30
Level-Depth-Time-DYN - - - - - 4-50m
Dive time or Static *Dive time *Static time - *Static time - *Static time
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